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Want all that have ideas about pelvis to gather them and bring them to class tomorrow 1/03/2012 and put them somewhere we can all access the ideas
I want us to go over the ideas and weigh out options and do a Pro/cons list for the different ideas and find out what idea is best suitable for further design process.

This monday we got new stuff from össur. It´s all in the closet so if you havent seen it go check it out.

The goals for this week is.
*Finish a design for the first full size model.
*Make a mini-prototype for the programmers to go wild.
*Get the new stepper motors running.
*Designing a universal joint that you can mount a power knee motor on.
*Send a solidworks file to the 3D printer and get going with the prototype of the agile eye.
*Finish the NDA agreement so everybody will be happy.
*Get a key for the closet and hide it somewhere.

All that have not joined Foleys photo album do that now! And if you have any photos on your phone. Put them inside.

Okey this is the news for the week. CEO will be at electrics lab all days from 17:00-18:00.
And try to remember the scrum every morning. It helps keeping everybody in the loop so nobody will do nothing.

This is all for now.

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