Old news

The pitch went very well. He liked our ideas on the pelvis and especially the agile eye hip joint.

What we got from Össur in this visit.
*Power knee to temper with a load cell.
*3 power knee motors and bearings.
*Texas Instrument micro controller

So the work this week is to connect these materials and get the motors running. Connect them to the micro controller
So the programmers have something to do right in the start.
We will get loads of more stuff when the Non-disclosure agreement with Baldur is signed. Photos on facebook or wiki later today.

The thought is because we got all the lower part of the robot. We will start building a simple hip and pelvis because
we will learn more on making a prototype then anything else, and there is a chance that 2 persons will be signed to create an
agile eye because he really liked that concept.

We talked about the ball joint and we can get a ball joint that is used in hip replacement surgery but we don´t know how much time
it takes to get one so we will probably start with using one from an old car.

Their specialist said it is important to have a chance of changing the load.

Lets start small with big ideas! ;D

Hi there.

Last Friday the data-team went and checked out the gait lab at Össur. We will be receiving data from Össur sometime this week.

This week. Started out with everybody finished their reports.

Tuesday we had a skype meeting with a guy from MIT. And we had a safety seminar with Gísli. And the last 3 will finish their pieces tomorrow.

Next thursday we will have a skype meeting with a specialist from ekso bionics. And the management team will practice their pitch for friday on the group.
*And all criticism is much appreciated.

The pitch will be on Friday. And the news will be updated then.

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