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Total time: 1.30 hour

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LeggedRobot2012-01-26Joseph FoleyResearchFinancial #40: Accounting and materials trackinglooking for better documentation0.10
LeggedRobot2012-01-25Joseph FoleyImplementationSupport #36: Give me the control over the forum system.Gave Sæþór project manager status0.25
LeggedRobot2012-01-24Joseph FoleyResearchSupport #33: Problems with web browser in V109Had vikar login0.20
LeggedRobot2012-01-20Joseph FoleyResearchSupport #27: Add rest of users to projectFinished adding everyone including our newest member Víkar.0.30
LeggedRobot2012-01-20Joseph FoleyDesignSupport #33: Problems with web browser in V109sent IT ticket, dumping response here.0.20
LeggedRobot2012-01-10Joseph FoleyDevelopmentSupport #27: Add rest of users to projectadded users during class0.25


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