Team setup

This is not set in stone. Almost all of you are in two or more groups.
The management are in there as well.

Programming (software). – Kristján Oddsson.
*Einar Snorrason.
*Viktoría Alexeeva.
*Sæþór Ólafur Pétursson.

Electronics. – Björgvin Rúnar Þórhallsson.
*Vikar Rúnar Þórhallsson.
*Máni Ólafsson.
*Viktoría Alexeeva.

3D – Drawing and Design. – Halldór Þorkellson
*Magnús Freyr
*Vikar Rúnar Þórhallson.
*Máni Ólafsson.

Smíði. - Einar Bjarni Pedersen
*Bjarni Kristjánsson.
*Árni Þorvaldson.

Data analysis – Hannes Rúnar Herbertsson.
*Aníta Björk Hlynsdóttir.
*Árni Þorvaldsson.