The Research and Development (RnD) Network at Reykjavik University is designed to be used for research and development projects that have been approved by the custodians of the RnD Network. This project was previously called DevNet.

Machines running on the RnD Network

  • uranium - Test server for Gunnar, running a minecraft server, locked down (is on the natted network)

Research and Development Network Naming Policy

We use the names of the chemical elements as server names. All machines have a chemical element name as a primary name, and the letter for that chemical element as a cname to the primary hostname. If possible any service names on that machine should be a cname to the primary chemical element name.

The numbering system for IPV4 is 130.208.242.X where X = atomic number + 63. Helium has atomic number 2, so it is
For IPV6 it is 2a00:c88:5000:102::82d0:f2XX where XX = atomic number + 3F IN HEX. Helium has atomic number 2 so it is 2a00:c88:5000:102::82d0:f241.

You can also make do this for you.

Network configuration

Example from /etc/network/interfaces under Ubuntu/Debian

auto eth0 # this line is very important
iface eth0 inet static
        address 130.208.242.XX
        netmask 27

iface eth0 inet6 static
        address 2a00:c88:5000:102::82d0:f2XX
        netmask 64
        gateway 2a00:c88:5000:102::82d0:f241
        dns-nameservers 2a00:c88:5000:103::82d0:f241

After setting these options, either reboot the machine or run

/etc/init.d/networking restart

Network Booting

You can boot from the network here, see Network Booting


  • BackupAFS
  • Set up a proper DNS infrastructure
  • Set up a configuration management system (ansible or puppet or ???)
  • Install krb5 keytabs on all the unix servers for ksu and SSO.

Custodians of the Research and Development Network

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