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11:02 Mjölnir Revision 774: Forgot to remove the TODO in
11:01 Mjölnir Revision 773: Added a windows COM port setting to rocket.conf since Anders will be testing under ...


22:03 Mjölnir Wiki edit: Testing_Python_Software_in_Windows (#2)
Fixed formatting error on Running
22:02 Mjölnir Wiki edit: Testing_Python_Software_in_Windows (#1)
quick version of anders instructions
20:38 Mjölnir Revision 771: OOps! I had an extra CMDEND and CMDTEST in the test code. I removed them and it s...
20:17 Mjölnir Revision 770: The rest of the the HB628 files from the zip that I expanded to make it easier to f...


19:35 Mjölnir Wiki edit: Swedish_Launch_2017 (#5)
testing in windows for Anders


18:42 Mjölnir Wiki edit: SE-Videos (#3)
Link to the video
18:40 Mjölnir Wiki edit: SE-Videos (#2)
Added link to google photos and uploaded the static video


20:37 Mjölnir Wiki edit: Swedish_Launch_2017 (#4)
Who is going spreadsheet added.

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