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Finished projects

Plasma TV repair

Just needed mounting.

Veggurinn er gipsveggur, með burðarbitum (studs) með 30 cm bili, og hver burðarbiti er um 6cm breiður (miðað við mælingar með studfinder sem Joe Foley á).

Veggfestingin fyrir sjónvarpið er um 63cm á breidd, með 18 götum fyrir skrúfur.

Það sem þarf að kaupa eru 20 gipsfestingar (butterfly festinar). Ef hægt er að festa beint í burðarbita þarf að finna skrúfur sem passa, það er óljóst hvort það eru viðar eða málm burðarbitar í vegnum. Ef ætlunin er að kaupa plötu til að hafa á bakvið þá þarf sú plata að ná yfir göt með 70cm á milli (breidd) og 23cm á hæð, svo hún þyrfti að vera að minnsta kosti 80cm breið og 35cm há.

Old projects

Shell server

Shell server

IBM pSeries

We have two old IBM pSeries servers that need to be set up / hacked to obey our will.
Baldur has discussed using a BSD on them and they can be our shell server.
some information on the hardware
It contains a POWER4+ chip which supports a variety of operating systems.
Some additional links here
ibm info
tidbits on running AIX

Ion Lifters

lets make some ion lifters

Instructable and video:

Moss graffiti QR Codes

using the idea of moss graffiti, we can use these to try to make scannable QR codes, perhaps to lat/long co-ordinates as a scavenger hunt or geo-caching.
make article
popular mechanics article

Guerilla Drive-in

A blank wall sits alone un-admired without purpose, but add a projector, some cars filled with hackers and a short range FM broadcaster and you've got yourself a guerrilla drive in (minus the gorillas).
Someone start scouting good blank white walls, someone else start arguing about which movie to watch first, anyone else left make some popcorn!

Status: I've been building a low power fm transmitter from the plans here and here .
We're not getting it to transmit yet so we'll need to trouble shoot where that is occuring.
The eventual goal is to use a car inverter to power a laptop and projector and output sound via the fm transmitter. We can then gather and watch an appropriate movie, bring your own popcorn.

NTP GPS setup

We plan on setting up a NTP server, with a GPS uplink.

RC Toys

We have members with different RC (Remote Controlled) Toys, such as Helicopters, Racecars etc.
We need to have more fun with them :)

Ripe atlas Project

We've received a Ripe Atlas Probe. It sends regular measurements back to RIPE a European IP Network association or RIR (regional internet registry). The probe is a small ethernet device powered by USB. It sends back regular pings to RIPE network. It transmits this information over tcp port 443 outgoing.
Mostly it conducts DNS queries, traceroute's and Round trip timing. Every moment we have the probe connected we are earning credit that can be spent on asking other probes in the network to conduct specific tests we order. Therefore if you notice the probe is unplugged please let someone in hakkavelin know. The login information for the atlas project is stored in the browser on the laptop nearest the probe.

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