Microcontroller possibilites

Added by Joseph Foley almost 12 years ago

What should we be using as our microcontroller/microprocessor elements?

This discussion started in Thursday's class (Jan 19) between Kristján and Joe. We should use the forum until we have a good list and possibly a decision.

Microcontroller possibilities include:

CPUs (microprocessors plus IO)

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RE: Microcontroller possibilites - Added by Meng Yee Chuah almost 12 years ago

I've had experience with both the mbed and the Arduino and the mbed is definitely the more powerful microcontroller while the Arduino benefits from having lots of example code and libraries. One annoying thing about the mbed is that the compiler is only accessible online, so that makes it hard to change programs on the go.

LeafLabs is trying to get the best of both worlds using an ARM-based microcontroller that is able to make use of most Arduino libraries.

If cost is a factor, TI has introduced a new microcontroller for a really low price of $4.30. I got one but I have yet to have time to try it out.