Skyward Sword Announcements: Welcome to Skyward Sword Announcements

Added by Joseph Foley over 11 years ago

Welcome to the announcement page for the Skyward Sword project at Ru.

This week or next, we will be launching balloon(s) with a variety of tracking and HD video cameras. The launch is expected to take place near RU. This project is a collaboration between RU staff, the VT HUN1013 "Hönnun" class, CCP, Siminn, and the Icelandic Radio Amateurs.

The balloon should reach an altitude in excess of 30000 meters with a flight time of 2 hours. We will be tracking the balloon using a variety of methods including GPS and APRS. There may even be a live video feed over 3G for part of the flight.

Rather than spam everyone, we have set up an announcement list for those who are interested in staying connected and hearing more about the launches. Please follow this link to subscribe:

The mailing list is
Mail sent to that list is moderated to reduce spam. Problems and comments should be sent to the admins at

The system will send you a confirmation email, which you follow before you can start receiving mail. The link can also be used to unsubscribe, reset your password, and look at previous announcements.

Hönnun 2011: University Days at RU on Feb 19

Added by Joseph Foley over 12 years ago

This year's University Day will be held February 19th. On this day, the universities in Iceland introduce their range of programs and courses for the next academic year. RU will be introducing its programs at its premises in Nauthólsvík.

This is a great chance us to show off what can be accomplished when Art and Engineering work together. Each group should have something to show off on University day. Make sure you consider this when planning your timeline.


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