The project was originally hosted on It was cloned here to have all the code at RU and allow further development.
The repository also contains project reports, papers and posters published about the project.

Virtual General Game Playing Agent

Final project @ RU - Intelligent virtual human representation of GGP AI in a virtual environment

How to run


  • Unity 5
  • Git bash (if on windows)
  • Java SDK (make sure JAVA_HOME is defined in your environment variables to make life simpler)


  1. Clone the repository with git ( git clone )
  2. Navigate a bash console to the ggp folder ("Git bash here" in the ggp folder via the right-click context menu if you installed git bash) and run ./ - if it fails to find tools.jar, you don't have JAVA_HOME set or not even the JDK installed.
  3. Wait for it to finish running.
  4. Open the trunk folder as a project in the unity editor. Open the Menu scene in the scenes folder. Hit play.


  • SELECT: A on gamepad (face button bottom) / spacebar.
  • RECENTER: Special left on gamepad / C on keyboard.
  • DEBUG INFO: L to display debug information on mood and behaviour (hold right-click to disable camera movement to be able to look at the behaviour chunks).
  • TOGGLE VISIBILITY: T on keyboard to toggle AI actor visibility.

Enabling VR

Project settings -> player -> virtual reality supported