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Elías Ingi Björgvinsson, 2019-10-05 13:59

Ivona Speech Synthesizer

Ivona speech synth service

The Ivona program files are in /opt/Ivona
Ivona must be running as a demon in order to be usable.

To see if the service is running

There is a file that keeps the program id (pid) in /opt/ivona/
If this file is in place the service is running.

Commands for service

To see the pid number:

cat /opt/ivona/

To start the service:

sudo .//opt/ivona/bin/ivonacl -D

To stop the service:

sudo kill $(cat /opt/ivona/

Getting results from service

To get results from the service you must send a HTTP POST request with the text (string)
that you want to synthesize to a PHP script that handles the request.

PHP – script
Copy of the script is in /opt/ivona/share/doc/ivona/examples/synth.php

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