Linux under Windows

If you want to have linux but you are stuck with windows (or bootcamp under OSX). This is for installing ubuntu 10.4, which is a version that works with ROS

  1. Download WUBI at . Make sure that it says 10.4, otherwise you are screwed.
  2. Make sure you have at least 12GB free on your windows partition
  3. Run wubi.exe
    1. Follow the prompts
  4. You will get to reboot the computer
  5. Watch as the computer reboots, at some point it will give you the choice of windows or Ubuntu
    1. Choose Ubuntu
  6. Ubuntu will continue to install
  7. Login with the username and password you told wubi.exe about
  8. The Update manager should come up and tell you to update some packages
    1. Do so
  9. The computer will reboot
  10. Select Ubuntu again
  11. Login
  12. Follow the ROS install directions for 10.4 at
    1. You will want ros-diamondback-desktop-full

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