Gait Hip

Hip joint
Extenion -> Flextion ->

  • Initial contact
    -Flextion (30° thigh forward)
  • Loading response
    -Function -> maintain hip stability
  • Mid stance
    -extention (from 30° flextion to full extention)
  • Terminal stance
    -Hyperextension (3°)
  • Pre-swing

ideas that came from google research

  • Parallel mechanism
    -Description: The Agile Eye is a 3-DOFspherical parallel manipulator developed for the rapid
    orientation of a camera. Its mechanical architecture allows the achievement of high
    operational speeds. The miniature camera attached to the end-effector can be
    pointed in a cone of vision of 140° with ±30° in torsion. Moreover, due to its low
    inertia and its inherent stiffness, the mechanism can achieve angular velocities
    superior to 1000 °/sec and angular accelerations greater than 20000 °/sec2.

    -Link to PDF here

    -Video link you have to search the list for parallel mechanism (agile Eye) here
    -Lisa the Robot a robot done in hannover university here
  • We can aslo use a 3 motor system where each of the motor moves in different planes

Our hip joint (Items that are crucial)

  • 3 motors, to be able to move in 3D
  • Has to be strong enough to carry the weight of the leg
  • The hip joint does not have to be modular

Picture to our hip joint

Ideas for materials.

  • Aluminium.
  • Stainless.
  • Steel.
FRDPRC chart

-File here

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