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General directions

If you are going to a conference in China, you need an F-type visa "Non-business"

In Iceland, the Chinese Embassy is at Bríetartúni 1, 105 Reykjavík
The embassy is open 09:00-11:30 MWF. A visa usually takes 5 days to process. For a US citizen, it costs 17500ISK. For everyone else it is cheaper. (This is because the US charges a large fee for visas on the other side.)

When you go apply for your visa, remember to bring your actual passport and a copy. They will hold onto the passport until the visa is issued. (I have no idea why.)

Check the official website, but I believe you need:

  • Your valid passport
  • Photocopy of the info page and picture page of your passport
  • The filled out form, signed and dated.
    • A passport photo attached to the form.
    • Make sure that the visa itinerary includes the exact dates that you enter china and leave.
    • If you want to put Chinese characters into the form, you must use Adobe Acrobat.
  • Proof of residency
  • Invitation letter.
    • Contact the conference chair to get one e.g. Ang Liu <angliu AT usc DOT edu>
    • They will need your full legal name, legal address, and email/phone

If you‘ve already bought tickets, you probably want to include them with the paperwork. It might help to make sure the visa dates match. Be warned that China may give you visa dates that are different than what was requested.

-- Joe Foley <foley AT ru DOT is>

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