Older Notes

6th of November 2015

  • PRESENT: Brynjar, Hafdís, Ari, Steve
  • AI FESTIVAL Debrief
    • Virtual Reykjavík was hard to show with microphone, still possible to explain
      • Needed an alternative input path (i.e. text)
    • Virtual Reality experiment worked well with horror stimulus (good recorded response)
    • Social Path Following, people interested, demo comes with practice
  • UPCOMING DEMO: UT Messan (February 5th - 6th)
    • Maybe update some demos, e.g. get Virtual Reykjavik with VR + avatar + character responding
    • Look into better microphones
  • AWAY DATES: Helsinki 9th - 12th November (SLUSH)
  • NOTES: Keep research notebooks
  • NOTES: The library will help you borrow papers that are behind paywalls

16th of October

  • PRESENT: Brynjar, Steve, Ari, Hafdís, Tumi
  • DEADLINE: AI Festival 2015 Scheduled for Friday October 23rd
    • 14:00 - Setup in Sun
    • 15:00 - 17:00 Talks and Panel in V101
    • 17:00 - 18:30 Poster / Demo Session in the Sun (with Beer and Music!)
  • AWAY DATES: Boston 29th-31st of October (Hannes) MIT
  • AWAY DATES: Helsinki 10th-13th of November (Hannes) SLUSH
  • (AWAY DATES: Paris 16th-19th of November (Hannes?) Motion in Games)

18th of September

  • PRESENT: Hafdís, Tumi, Unnar, Ari, Steve, Brynjar
  • TODO (Hannes): Need to fix new student "" accounts (ASAP)
  • TODO (Students): Sign up for meeting with Hannes (
  • INFO: Technology Innovation Fund Grant Appliation, Icelandic Centre for Research Application
  • INFO: Workshop with Icelandic Institute for Financial Literacy and Gagarin (last Friday)
  • INFO: EAP Paper presented at MMSYM 2015
  • DEADLINE: AI Festival 2015 Scheduled for Friday October 23rd
  • AWAY DATES: Helsinki 7th-10th of October (Hannes) Aalto University
  • AWAY DATES: Boston 29th-31st of October (Hannes) MIT
  • AWAY DATES: Paris 16th-19th of November (Hannes?) Motion in Games
  • INFO: Access to is with user name "yngvi" and password "cadia"

28th of August

  • TODO
    • Sign up new students to this system (Hannes)
  • Upcoming Events
    • AI Festival 2015 Scheduled for Friday October 23rd
  • Project Management system
    • This one! Plus version control systems such as SVN (just migrated to different server, will come back into the menu here)
  • Messaging systems
    • Zulip (
    • Facebook (group chats based on projects mostly)

20th of February

  • Student Innovation Fund - Deadline March 4
    • VR in VR
    • Procedural Animation for Purposeful Idling
    • Pain management training for surgery patients
    • Psychological modeling for game characters
  • Project Grants
    • Virtual Reykjavik
    • Cities that Sustain Us

5th of December

  • Upcoming Events
    • CADIA Christmas Party: Thursday 11th of December, 16-18
    • UT Messan : 6th and 7th of February
    • Intelligent Virtual Agents: Due 15th of March
    • ANIREY: End of March (20th..)
    • Talk/demo for the medical sector: February (?)
  • Important Dates:
    • Hannes in Paris 17th-19th of December
    • Siewart leaves on 28th of February

14th of November

  • People's availability towards the end of the year
    • Hannes: Available - maybe short meeting in Paris in December (1-2 days). Regular vacation.
    • Hossein: Available
    • Hafdis: Friday 21st exams over. 3 week course. Regular vacation.
    • Ásgeir: No exams. 3 week course? MS thesis work. Regular vacation (e.g. 18th)
    • Unnar: Monday 24th exams over. Use 3 week period for independent study. Regular vacation.
    • Stefán: ?
    • Valdi: ?
    • Siewart: Arrives Tuesday the 18th of November

24th of October

  • Introducing Hossein Miri, postdoctoral researcher on the Cities that Sustain Us
  • Hannes will be at ACM SIGGRAPH Motion in Games in Los Angeles November 5th - 9th
  • Starting a page to sketch projects up for grabs (e.g. for BS projects): Project Ideas
  • AI Festival preparation discussion

25th of September

  • The AI Festival will be on October 31st!
    • Everyone needs to present research/projects as posters in the Sun
    • Posters need to be ready for printing on Monday the 27th
    • Use the "Virtual Reykjavik" poster as template: VirtualReykjavikPoster.pptx
  • Hannes will be away in the US from Sept 29. until October 17th, mostly on leave with family
  • Hannes will be visiting Carnegie Mellon University (the Human Computer Interaction Institute and Entertainment Technology Center October 7th-9th)
  • Hannes will present "Prediction in Social Path Following" short paper by former student Carmine Oliva at the Motion in Games November 6th-9th at USC/ICT
  • Postdoc Hossein Miri will be joining us in the next couple of weeks, working on the Cities that Sustain Us project
  • Branislav Bedí is now in Portugal and is about to defend PhD thesis proposal

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