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LeggedRobot2012-01-20Joseph FoleyDesignSupport #33: Problems with web browser in V109sent IT ticket, dumping response here.0.20
Cognitive tests2013-06-11Davíð Örn JóhannessonDesignTasks #209: Implement "new" Stroop testRedesigning the Stroop test3.00
Axiomatic Design2015-09-17Joseph FoleyDevelopmentBug #359: Forums module not workingTweaking SELinux settings0.10
LeggedRobot2012-01-10Joseph FoleyDevelopmentSupport #27: Add rest of users to projectadded users during class0.25
Axiomatic Design2015-09-17Joseph FoleyDevelopmentBug #359: Forums module not workingApparently you have to create a topic first to make the forums appear1.00
Hvalaomur2014-02-22Davíð Örn JóhannessonDevelopmentTasks #282: ÚtreikningarFarið yfir gögn, útbúið líkan til að reikna hlutfallsstuðla4.00
Hvalaomur2014-03-11Davíð Örn JóhannessonDevelopmentTasks #303: Vistun gagnaUppsetning á Server og nethýsingu í heimahúsi6.00
Hvalaomur2014-02-07Davíð Örn JóhannessonDevelopmentTasks #279: Útfærsla á magnara20.00
LeggedRobot2012-01-26Joseph FoleyResearchFinancial #40: Accounting and materials trackinglooking for better documentation0.10
LeggedRobot2012-01-24Joseph FoleyResearchSupport #33: Problems with web browser in V109Had vikar login0.20
CNC Foam Cutter2012-06-05Georgios PetropoulosResearchTasks #73: Explore the issue systemClick on the tab and made a new issue0.25
LeggedRobot2012-01-20Joseph FoleyResearchSupport #27: Add rest of users to projectFinished adding everyone including our newest member Víkar.0.30
Virtarium2012-08-30Kristján OddssonResearchSupport #88: Create the virtual environment The sun has already been constructed in blender0.50
Axiomatic Design2015-09-18Joseph FoleyResearchBug #359: Forums module not workingDebugged the email system1.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-03-12Jón GuðnasonResearchTasks #136: Parameter config file management1.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-03-19Jón GuðnasonResearchTasks #138: Sound recording1.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-03-24Jón GuðnasonResearchTasks #138: Sound recording1.00
Hvalaomur2014-03-30Davíð Örn JóhannessonResearchTasks #310: Skýrsla um Streymi gagna1.00
Hvalaomur2014-03-30Davíð Örn JóhannessonResearchTasks #311: Skýrsla um lekasprófun1.00
CNC Foam Cutter2012-06-05Georgios PetropoulosResearchTasks #74: Covert loose notes into research notebookIt is going better than I had estimated1.20
CNC Foam Cutter2012-06-08Georgios PetropoulosResearchTasks #76: Get a VPN access1.30
CNC Foam Cutter2012-06-08Georgios PetropoulosResearchTasks #73: Explore the issue system2.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-03-06Eydís Huld MagnúsdóttirResearchTasks #136: Parameter config file managementWorks as a m file but not as a function2.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-03-15Jón GuðnasonResearchTasks #138: Sound recording2.00
Cognitive Workload Monitoring2013-04-30Eydís Huld MagnúsdóttirResearchFeature #134: Record Stroop Database No 1Final prepearations for testrecording under way2.00

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