Getting Started


Impulsion for Unity
Unity 4.6 Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Unity 5.x Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Unity 2017 Mirror 1



Behave is a third party behaviour tree library used by Impulsion (see Overview).


When Impulsion is imported into Unity, the following prefabs are included.

  • Impulsion Manager.
    • The Manager runs the AI engine.
    • Required in a scene for Impulsion to work. The manager is a singleton and therefore globally accessible.
  • Impulsion Actor.
    • The IA prefab is a ready-made agent (e.g. NPC) that runs the basic AI logic provided by the library.
    • The actor can navigate a Unity NavMesh, perceive other AI entities, animate a biped character and execute custom character behavior logic.
    • Note: Remember to attach a character model as a child object and set up the Animator with the correct Mecanim avatar.
  • Impulsion Group.
    • A IG provides a social context for group formation. Add actors to the group's members array to include them in the group.
    • Note: The group automatically deletes itself if it has fewer than two members.

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